Mixed Media Assemblage and Collages

In visual art, mixed media is an artwork in which more than one medium or material has been employed.

Assemblages and Collages are two common examples of art using different media that will make use of different materials including cloth, paper, wood, metal and found objects.

No Waste

Legolas, the Prince Elf

Steam Ticket 13 (Sold)

Caution Felines (Sold)

Caution Felines 1

Erebor (Private Collection)

Erebor Insta

Salvaged (Sold)


3 Minutes to Midnight

3 Minutes to Midnight 1

Nemo (Private Collection)

Nemo 2

Break Free (Private Collection)

Break Free 02

Flowers and Lace – Thoughts of Spring

Flowers and Lace 4

La Cuisine (Sold)

La Cuisine 2

Gollum (Private Collection)

Gollum 5

Key Unfolding (Sold)


Winds of Change (Sold)

Winds of Change 1

Black and Green

Flowers 2

Winter and Spring (Winter Sold)


Black Friday (Sold)




Days of our Lives (Private Collection)


Murphy’s Law (Sold)

Murphy's Law 11B

Time Machine (Private Collection)

Time Machine20

Hello! (now altered to “Inside”)


Time Flies – Carpe Diem

TIme Flies_12

Find the Key to your life

Find the Key to your life_1

Live Laugh Love

Live Laugh Love_10

Steampunk Explosion (Sold)

Steampunk Explosion 15

Time Travel – A Trio in canvas (Sold)

Time Travel Part 1_1
Time Travel Part 2_1
Time Travel Part 3_13
Time Travel Trio_1

It is what it is (Private Collection)


Adventure Everyday

Trust the Magic

Industrial Chic II

Dream Big (Sold)

Golden Flowers (Sold)

Free Your Mind

Love Life

Love Life1


Caribbean 9

I dream of painting

I dream of Painting9

Sweet Happiness

Sweet Happiness 3

Heat it (Sold)

Heat It - Art3

Love Always & Forever

Love Always Forever 6

I love Art (Private Collection)

Love Art1

When someone you Love becomes a memory

Angel of Memory 4

Fantastiska saker händer modiga människor (Sold)

Fantastiska saker 3

Northern Lights (Sold)

Northern Lights 3

Rustic Beautiful (Sold)

Rustic Beautiful1

Spring Moments

Spring 1

Steampunk Dreamer (Sold)

Steampunk Dreamer 1

Jag älskar dig av hela min rumpa (sold)

I love you 15

Frozen (Sold)

Frozen 1

If you´re Feeling Blue (Sold)

Heidi 1

Wait for your Soul (Sold)

Vänta in själen 1

Savannah “You’re Beautiful” (Private Collection)

Savannah 1

Industrial Chic

Industrial Chic 11

Barbados/Mexico Scrapbooking Binder Cover (Private Collection)

Album Cover 2

40 Years (Sold)

40 years young blogg 5

Flower Mother (Sold)

Mother in flowers 2

Grandpa goes Steampunk (Sold)

Grandpa goes Steampunk

Savannah is home (Private Collection)

Savanna is home

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