Time Machine

The inspiration for this Mixed Media Canvas came from me thinking about a Steam Punk Scientist’s mind… a female scientist. If she was imagining all types of flying machines, a time machine perhaps, her scribbles on the table, all things she finds beautiful but at the same time useful.. can a kettle fly – well if we have propellars on it perhaps..:-)

This i by far the biggest Canvas I have done up to date (70×30 cm), and I don’t believe that I will do this size anytime soon, very time consuming:-)

Gadgets and stuff used on the canvas: Middle part of the canvas is the beautiful interiors of a big clock. I’ve used a drill, parts from a telephone and of course a lot of screws, gears, junkyard findings etc etc. Some really beautiful gears from Finnabair/Prima Marketing.

The canvas and everything on it was first primed with black gesso, then colored with Lindy’s Stamp Gang Mists and lastly – to highlight everything I have used my favorite favorite Inka Golds.

Time Machine20

Time Machine3

Time Machine6

Time Machine4

Time Machine14

Time Machine13

Time Machine 99

Time Machine16

Time Machine18

Time Machine10

Time Machine21

Time Machine19

Time Machine99B

And that’s all for today folks, thanks for stopping by!


21 Comments on “Time Machine

    • Thank you so much!! I do sell some of my canvases, however this one is a favorite right now:-) I tend to get very fond of my latest works, that goes away after a while…Also even if I did want to sell this one, it is very big, heavy and fragile, so shippping it would be costly. I do however appreciate you asking!!


  1. Your canvas is just AWESOME !! Very impressing selec ti. on of gorgeous items. You placed everything just perfect so we can enjoy the details very good. Often when things are layered a lot many details get lost. And I also love the colors. You really created a masterpiece. I can easily understand that you are not selling it. It will look fabulous in your home.
    Thank you so much for sharing this lovely piece of ART. You are so creative and talented.
    Hugs from Monica


    • Hi Monica,
      Thank you so so much for your kind remarks. This canvas is now placed in our livingroom and right now it’s one of my favorite pieces in my collection. It is always inspiring when others can enjoy the art you make, so thank you again so very much 🙂
      Have a wonderful summer.



    • Hi Sue, thanks for your comments!! 🙂
      For the really heavy stuff I use a 2 component glue, the type of glue not find in Scrapstores or similar but the really strong type found in hardware stores. Also I usually also reinforce the backside of the canvas with some extra wood. Because the canvases do tend to get very heavy. For the less heavy metal stuff I use my favorite metal glue; Aleene’s Jewelry & Metal glue.


    • Thank you Debra! The pipes are from Prima Marketing. Ingvild Bolme’s line Junkyard Findings. Google that and you will be able to find I believe😁


  2. Uma obra de arte fantástica, maravilhosa, muito linda. Parabéns.


  3. You have such an artistic mind!! Oh my heck, this is super fabulous! What colors of ink did you use and where in the world did you find that crazy cool tiny mask sitting on top of the pipe? Love it!!


    • Thank you so so much for your awesome remarks, warms my heart!! The colors used are Mists from Lindy’s Stamp Gang and Tattered Angels. Blue and greens from Lindys. Bronze, gold, copper and Brown from Tattered Angels. The head (mask) I believe comes from Relics and artifacts. It was glued on an endpiece to a curtain rod. The eye monocle came from a chipboard.


      • You are totally welcome! Thank you for letting me know where you found that awesome little mask and what gorgeous colors you used on your masterpiece! I definitely look forward to seeing your next piece of inspiration! I just had to print this off and share with friends, it is that fabulous! Cheers to you, Scrappinstain! 🙂


  4. You are very talented. I have been trying to do steampunk mix media myself but let’s that I do need more practice. Where do you get some of your embellishments ?

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    • Hi Suzanne, appologize for late answer, I’ve taken a break from art but up an running now:-)
      Thank you so much for your comment, greatly appreciated!

      Practice is important yes but also that you dare to fail.. I use pretty much everything I want on my art. Everything looks pretty with a coat of paint.
      Go to drift stores, flee markets, use your old jewelry (not the expensive ones of course:-) Old spoons, forks, stuff you find in garages, tell your friends to give you stuff when they clean out their garages. My favorite is to pick apart old telephones and sewing machines so much beauty in those. Also there is a ton of stuff to buy online of course. Look for metal embellishments, flowers. I usueally go to different Mixed Media stores and Scrapbooking stores for more supplies.

      Good luck and I wish you lots of fun!


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