3 minutes to Midnight

Hi all,

Back again, this time with my latest steampunk inspired Mixed Media Canvas. I call it “3 minutes to Midnight”.

I would also like to introduce you to a new character – Rolling Matilda:-) Found the upper part of her (head and chest) in a fleemarket. Took arms from a barbidoll and then made a body out of flowers and of course her way of moving around is with the mono wheel which was made with bits and parts I had laying around in my drawers.

So the thought behind the title is that at Midnight everything comes to life in this imaginary world which is Rolling Matilda’s. Machines, insekts, steampunk, lamps, air ballon etc. We are just witnessing everything 3 minutes before that:-).

Unfortunately it was very hard to photograph so the photos does not really do it justice. The size of it (50x20cm) and the colors were, it seems, a hard combo to photograph.

For colors used, check out bottom of the page.

3 Minutes to Midnight 1

3 Minutes to Midnight 6

3 Minutes to Midnight 2

3 Minutes to Midnight 4

3 Minutes to Midnight 7

3 Minutes to Midnight 8

3 Minutes to Midnight 10

3 Minutes to Midnight 11

3 Minutes to Midnight 12

3 Minutes to Midnight 9

Colors used  – Tattered Angel’s Glimmer Mists;
Partridge in a Pear Tree, Vintage Brass, Tokyo, Tattered Leather, Coffee Shop, Dragonfly, Key Lime Pie, Rolling Tide, Rolling Tide, It’s orange and Summer glow.

To color the roses in Rolling Matildas dress I used Finnabair’s Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints “Green Olive”, “Emerald Green” and DecoArt Metallic Lustre “Elegant Emerald” and “Lavish Green”

To highlight everything else I have used a mix of Finnabair’s Art Alchemy Metallique Waxes and Acrylic Paints.

Metal pieces found in my drawers, lot’s of them taken from insides of sewing machines, old telephone and clocks.

Thank’s for checking in and have a wonderful weekend!


6 Comments on “3 minutes to Midnight

  1. the used parts are super pretty, I find it hard to find at home. the return of the flea markets. beautiful canvas and very inspiring, I am currently currently on a steampunk canvas style. 😉

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    • Thank you ver much! My hottest tip is to look for old clocks, telephones etc and tear them apart, you’ll be amazed of the treasures inside🙃 good luck with your canvas!👍🏻


  2. Well, as promised, I’ve come straight from your link you kindly shared. You are SO right. Photography doesn’t do this piece justice. Although you have done a great job showing all the closeups! Wish I could visit to see Matilda in her full glory. It’s even more sensational than I pertained to on fb. I’m delighted that you have used parts from “junk” rather than (for me) expensive ‘Brand Name’ items. Shows it can be done. Of course, I’ll be on the hunt for telephones, sewing machine parts & other bits I have. I won’t tire of seeing Matilda with her genius way of moving (YOU are imaginative & clever). Barbie doll arms, of course? What else could be more ideal? Lol. I think you KNOW now the extent to which my awe & admiration goes. It would be easy to write much more like mentioning the “fan” like element, the bulb & so on, never-ending!
    Thrilled to have found you, am now following you. I’m not familiar with this site but am a member, I’ll do more research. Thank you!!! So inspiring!! Caroline 😀

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    • 😘wow Thank you so so much! You just made my day😬 Yes I love using ”junk” as you can see, a mix of junk and brand items thats the best combo I believe and being a bit nutty helps😜 Hoping that you will find a LOT of nice junk youself for future projects! Lena


  3. That is incredible! And I love the whole ‘rolling Matilda’ character story, I just love when mixed media art has some kind of fantasy story behind it. I’ve also been racking my brains (and my house!) for bits to use in my canvases, I’m lucky enough to have a weekly flea market where I live but I’m never sure what to look for. The idea of taking clocks apart is a good one!

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