Hello Britain -Telephone Interiors


Who would have thought that the interiors of an old (80’s) telephone would be so so cool?

My husband and I came across this table of free stuff in a fleemarket where a couple of ugly telephones lay. My husband said, I think you would like the insides of these phones, I can bet you will wanna use the parts on a canvas.

Intrieged of course, the phone was picked apart and Oh how I loved all parts, I know… I’m a bit weird:-)

Once all pieces were glued in place… my husband (always with these good ideas) said it reminded him of England. So I decided to paint the Union Jack as background.

Had I thought of this before gluing down all the metal stuff of course this would have been a much easier task.

Anyway here is my vintage steampunk style Canvas.


The blue and red colors of the flag were painted with Inka Golds. All the metal parts  were firstly painted with black gesso and then painted with Inca Gold + Finnabairs Art Alchemy Acrylic paints.

Of course I also had to test my newly purchased Finnabair Art Extravagance Rust Effect Paste. I wanted to to get the feel of some gears rusting so I added som rust areas here and there.

When everything was painted. I took a very dry brush with some Distress Stain to get the flag more toned down and add a vintage feel to the whole piece.






Oh.. and if you are interested… this is how the insides of the telephone look before the paint is added.

Hello original parts

That’s all from me today, hope I can inspire you to dig deep in to your old trash and find beautiful items for your art!

5 Comments on “Hello Britain -Telephone Interiors

  1. Gosh! Who would have thought that old telephones had such a useful interior!!! Love your canvas (and I enjoyed seeing the “before” stage as well – so the alteration of the used parts is even more impressive!). Cool idea with the Union Jack as the background. That adds so much to this stunning piece!

    Thank you for sharing it with us at SanDee&amelie’s Steampunk Challenges!

    Claudia x


  2. Hello Lena & Patrik
    What a wonderful idea to scrap a telephone. I love the addition of bolts and the tube, that makes this a true steampunk contraption. Thank you for participating in SanDee&amelie’s Steampunk Challenges. Greetings from Denmark
    hugs, Susan


    • Hi Susan and thanks for your comments. Don’t know where you picked up my husbands name but he is not involved in this canvas:-)/Lena


  3. Just out of interest, your husbands name is in your bio about you at the top of your blog. Love this canvas, now I will be on the look out for old phones…


    • Hi Belinda, don’t know what you mean that my husbands name is at the top of my about me-info. Are you seeing something I’m not? Do tell…. Thanks for the comment on Hello Britain!


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