Hi all,

As some of you may know – I’m a fan of The LOTR (Lord of the Ring) Triology and the Hobbit Triology. My husband and I watch these movies at least a couple of times a year. Each time I am in aw of all the costumes, set designs, props and oh – of course the characters! It surely is a goldmine of inspiration watching these movies!

I’ve made a canvas before with this in mind – “Gollum” and here’s another one. This one inspired by The Hobbit-series and the dwarves homestead “Erebor” inside the Lonely Mountain.

I tried fitting in as much as possible on the canvas, such as – all the gold, Smaug’s eye, Bilbo’s acorn, the eagles, a barrel, a sword a schield, the one ring, the key to Erebor and the kings jewel “The Arkenstone”.

Hope you like it!

Erebor Insta

Erebor 11

Erebor 4

Erebor 2

Smaug’s eye (the iris) was made after watching the brilliant Yvonne Williams tutorial on youtube. It was much easier than I thought it would be after following her guidelines. I warmly recommend you try making an eye – so much fun!

Erebor 5

Erebor 7

Erebor 8

Erebor 9Erebor 10

Erebor 12

And yes I have more coming up on this theme. but it’s gonna take me some time to gather props for them so I’ll be filling in with some other stuff in between.

Take care all!



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