La Cuisine

Well you all know by now that I love to rumble around at fleemarkets and fairs. Trying to find beautiful/fun/crazy stuff for my canvases.

Wasn’t just everything more detailed and beautiful in the past? Look at these cutlery, they just don’t make spoons or dessert cutlery that beautiful anymore, right?. When I saw these in the fleemarket I knew I wanted to make a canvas where they really stood out, so actually this time I made a canvas where the pieces were the focus – not the coloring or style. In short I named my canvas La Cuisine (Kitchen) and here it is.

La Cuisine 1

I have only used one color for this canvas; Dylusions Paint “Slate Grey”from Ranger and White gesso.

La Cuisine 2

La Cuisine 3

La Cuisine 4

Grey is really one of my favorite colors right now so the canvas also represents that. Actually I participated in a fair myself yesterday, showing off my canvases and selling some pieces. I sold this one and got orders for two more in the same style and coloring:-) Wohoo…

See you soon!


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