Nemo – Mixed Media on a Hubcap

Hi everyone,

Going to work every morning I saw this tire hubcap laying on the side of the road. I started thinking about  using this as a base for a Mixed Media piece. I waited a week or two so that the owner of it would have a chance to collect it but it continued to lie there and taunt me every morning and afternoon. So one day I brought it home.

It was cleaned from oil and dirt and then it layed in my hobby room for some time before I decided to start doing something with it. I had had a thought about doing something nautical and steampunk with it – I thought about Captain Nemo. What types of embellishments did I have at home to use… well I had these goggles, bought in a hardware store some time ago. I had a broken porclean octopus – I put these 2 pieces in the middle of my hubcap and then Nemo was sort of born. I knew the direction I wanted to go.

Published on Canvas Corps today is a blogpost on this piece.

Nemo, the steampunk tyre hubcap

Here’s a photo taken when all the embellishments were glued in place and before the painting process.

Nemo Start

As you can see there are 2 Octopus tentacles sticking out on the top side of the goggles, these I made with Fimo clay. Love working with Fimo Clay so that’s something I wanna do more in the future.

Here is the finnished piece.

Nemo 2

Nemo 1

Nemo 3

Before showing more of the finnished piece here are some step-by-step photos.

After all the embellishments were glued down. I painted the octopus with blue acrylic color. I did this because I wanted the blue to shine through the mists that I was going to add later. On the side of the googles I glued chipboard shapes to decorate it and then lots of shells, cogwheels. I also glued down chunks of microbeads here an there. This to give the illusion of corrosion and dirt. I glued metal whire on the goggles eyes. The sides of the goggles were painted with brown acrylic color and the rest of the piece was painted with Finnabair Heavy Black Gesso.

Nemo 001

Now it was time to start coloring the piece.

Below photo shows me starting with 2 mists – Tattered Angels Plain Jane Baseboard “Grass” and “Wave”. These Baseboard colors cover really well – excellent to use as base colors.

Nemo 004

Now it was time for the Mists. All of them Tattered Angels “Glimmer Mists”:”Key Lime Pie”, “Dragonfly”, “Patina”, “Tokyo” and “Coffee Shop”.

To give the googles a great steampunk look I colored it with “Tattered Angels “Sugar Maple”. Love this color – gives it an aged copper look. The gold on the goggles was painted with Tattered Angels High Impact Paint “Light Gold”.

To get the goggles a more corroded look I painted with Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam “Rustic” and I painted all the shells and some parts here and there with Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam “Lime Cordial” that gave the impression of Algae.

This is the piece when I was done with the misting- before attending to all the embellishments.

Nemo 003

To make all the embelishments pop I used Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam “Rustic” and then 2 Inka Golds “Oldsilver” and “Oldgold”.

and here it is again, my altered hubcap inspired by Captain Nemo;

Nemo 4

Nemo 5

Nemo 8

Nemo 12

Nemo 24

Nemo 23

Nemo 20

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