Steam Ticket 13

Hi everyone,

Here´s a Mixed Media Canvas that I just finished. It is made as a gift for our neighbours whom we just like so much. They are an elderly couple that have been so kind to me and my husband. Always a smiling and with a positive attitude towards everything. A few of the pieces on the owl (the eyes and the beak) are actually items given to me by the neighbor.

They say that owls are wise and can get very old. So I thought it would be a suiting theme. Also the man neighbor loves steam trains, they have travelled lots and they live on number 13 – hence the title Steam Ticket 13. As they also appreciate a bit quirky art I thought maybe they would appreciate this.

Hope you´ll like it!

Steam Ticket 13

The background was misted using Canvas Corps Tattered Angels Mists. All embellishments and highlighting were painted with DecoArt Acrylics.

Steam Ticket 13_3
Steam Ticket 13_4
Steam Ticket 13_7
Steam Ticket 13_8
Steam Ticket 13_9
Steam Ticket 13_10
Steam Ticket 13_6

Til next time… take care!

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