Time Travel – A Trio in Canvas

Hi Everyone,
I am happy to finally blog this trio of canvases.

I have also entered these canvases to SanDee & Amelie’s  Anything Goes Steampunk/Industrial Challenge.

I received an order from my inlaws of a BIG Mixed Media Canvas. As I don’t like to make really big ones I decided to make 3 canvases to be put aside eachother to make one big (each canvas is 30×30 cm).

The theam for this trio of canvases is Time Travel. As my inlaws are really in to Vikings now I made the first canvas thinking of Vikings and Middle Ages.

The second Canvas is more Renesance (think 1600-1800).

The Third canvas is today, although it is also a bit of History for my Inlaws. It shows their personal history together. Travels they have done, their company, their interest in boats etc.

A common theme for them all is of course the clock – as in Time. This is the first thing that I thought of when I received their request of a canvas… The reason I will tell only them:-)

So here they are….

Canvas 1

Time Travel Part 1_1

Time Travel Part 1_6

Time Travel Part 1_7

Time Travel Part 1_4

Canvas 2

Time Travel Part 2_1

Time Travel Part 2_7

Time Travel Part 2_4

Canvas 3

Time Travel Part 3_13

Time Travel Part 3_1

Time Travel Part 3_4

Time Travel Part 3_7

Time Travel Part 3_12

And all 3 canvases as they will sit on the wall

Time Travel Trio_1

That’s all for me today! I hope I have enspired you with these Mixed Media Canvases!



11 Comments on “Time Travel – A Trio in Canvas

  1. An awesome trio! I so enjoyed all the wonderful texture and detail! It was a bit complicated to find your blog post as the link you have entered to our collection only leads to the jpg image but not your blog. But here I am…and love what I see! It would be great if you also added a link to our challenge or challenge blog to this post, so we can include your fantastic entry with our prize winner’s draw and Top5 votes!

    Claudia xx


  2. Thank you Claudia for your kind remkarks!! I must have made a mistake when linking the photo, sorry about this! Have now linked this post to your blog. Wishing you a great start to the new year and thank you for the awesome inspiration at SanDee & Amelie’s blog!


  3. Your work is absolutely beautiful! I’ve never seen art like that before. It really stands out as very special.


    • Wow, thank you so much for your feedback!! I haven’t produced so much lately so this comment really pushes me to finnish the pieces I’m working on. Thanks again:-)


    • Hi Heather, If you check out my Art Portfolio you can see wich pieces are for sale, are already sold or belong to my private collection.


  4. Absolutely love this idea.. I made a smaller one, but you have inspired me to do another. I have been saving bits and pieces for awhile now.
    Thanks for the great ideas.


    • Thank you Madonna, great that I have inspired you! Keep saving bits and pieces – you never know what will inspire you in the future – You know what they say…. everything but the kitchen zink:-)


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