Tempus Fugit

Here´s my Latest Mixed Media Canvas (actually it´s 3 canvases). Size on each canvas is 15×15 cm.

When starting making this trio I knew I wanted all three canvases to make a unit. To be displayed about 1 cm apart. So I had to make all 3 at the same time.

I had a vision of the bricks on all three. So I started to put down brick stencils (Tim Holtz) on all three with a thick paste. On the side between the bricks I wanted a kind of concrete look so I used a gesso with lots of sand stones (Finnabair´s Art Extravagance Art stones).

When starting to think about what the theme of the 3 canvases should be I took out my stencils with clocks and thought that will look great. I also had a stencil which showed a measuring line so I incorporated that as well. I thought about a title and thought Time Flies… but then I realized no you´ve already used that, so why not Time Flies in a different language. So I ended up translating Time Flies to Latin. I glued down letters to spell Tempus Fugit.

Here´s a pic of the stencils, title, and glued down insects, cog wheels and flowers. It also shows the canvases with a first coat of paiting the bricks and flowers using Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists.

To connect the clocks with the theme I of course had to incorporate wings – Clocks equals Time wings equals flying (mind you this is my logic, not necessarily everyone elses:-). So I continued with my composition glueing down insects, a fairy and then this amazing piece of jewellry that I bought at a fleemarket, some cog wheels and then lots of flowers. The bricks, flowers and the flowers were painted first with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists. Then the background – also with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists. The details were lastly painted with black and brown Glimmer Paints. The silver parts were painted with DecoArt paint.

That´s all for today. Stay tuned for my next project with the title Lady Galadriel.

No Waste

I really love recycling. In our house junk or trash quite often end up on my canvases. Here´s a Mixed Media Assemblage of real junk – Nothing should have to go to waste:-)

This piece has been painted with only a few colors, all Finnabairs. Black heavy Gesso as base and then 5 Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints and lastly Waxes. If you haven´t tried these waxes you should, they are so cool.

See if you can spot all the junk on this piece:-) I´ll tell you some of them; A shell from an old cell phone, a piece of chord from a phone, a soldering iron, circuit boards from various electric devices, a diabetic pen etc etc. Oh and can you spot the piece fucilli Pasta?

And that´s all folks for today.

Legolas, the Prince Elf

Back again, this time with my latest Mixed Media Assemblage on the theme LOTR/Hobbit.

Legolas, is the son of the Elvenking Thranduil of the Woodland Realm (Mirkwood). Legolas can be seen in all 3 Lord Of the Rings movies as well as all 3 Hobbit movies.

Elven colors, typical elven items and of course a bow and arrows. I also included the Evenstar (even though this is not symbolic for Legolas but rather Aragorn or Arwen)

Canvas size 30×30 cm.

View from Space

Hi everyone!

I am just finishing a Mixed Media Assemblage on my ongoing theme LoTR/Hobbit, this one with an Elvish theme.

But before that – here´s an abstract piece I made last week that I´ve decided to call “View from Space”.

I was playing around with pieces of tinfoil, cheese cloth and paste on a 50×20 cm canvas – not really knowing what I was doing and with no goal.

After the base was layed down I started painting the canvas in brown´s, blue´s and soon it started to look like a view of earth from Space – at least for me:-) so on I went with this idea and continued until I was satisfied.

So here it goes. Hope you like my odd piece of art, not typical to me but quite fun to make.

Same same but different

Hi everyone,

I am currently doing some changes to my site.

I will change the name from Scrappin´Stain to Art by Stain and will change the look and feel quite a bit. Sorry for the inconvenience during this time, it might be a little bit chaotic. But I am hoping of course that you will like the new and improved page.

Have a great day and take care!

Steam Ticket 13

Hi everyone,

Here´s a Mixed Media Canvas that I just finished. It is made as a gift for our neighbours whom we just like so much. They are an elderly couple that have been so kind to me and my husband. Always a smiling and with a positive attitude towards everything. A few of the pieces on the owl (the eyes and the beak) are actually items given to me by the neighbor.

They say that owls are wise and can get very old. So I thought it would be a suiting theme. Also the man neighbor loves steam trains, they have travelled lots and they live on number 13 – hence the title Steam Ticket 13. As they also appreciate a bit quirky art I thought maybe they would appreciate this.

Hope you´ll like it!

Steam Ticket 13

The background was misted using Canvas Corps Tattered Angels Mists. All embellishments and highlighting were painted with DecoArt Acrylics.

Steam Ticket 13_3
Steam Ticket 13_4
Steam Ticket 13_7
Steam Ticket 13_8
Steam Ticket 13_9
Steam Ticket 13_10
Steam Ticket 13_6

Til next time… take care!

Caution Felines


Back again – this time with a canvas I made on commission. My hairdresser wanted me to make a canvas inspired by steampunk and cats. She wanted it in dark, “dirty colors”. So here’s the finnished Mixed Media Canvas – I call it “Caution Felines”.

Caution Felines 1

As most of my art, it is a bit whimsical and yes some might say weird:-)

Here you can see cats sitting in “stations”, one in the Combing and Cutting station (of course related to the fact that this canvas was made for my hairdresser), one in the shower station, one cat praying on the birds above and one cat – the leader of the pack sitting on his throne, sort of keeping close eye on all the others.

Caution Felines 4
Caution Felines 2

On this canvas I have used a lot of gears, both chipboard gears and real gears from machines earlier picked a part. There are electrical parts and mechanical parts.

The colors used are about 90% Canvas Corps Brands – Tatterd Angels Mists, Glimmer Glaze and High Impact Paints. The other 10% are Inka Golds. If you’re curios to know as to which colors do give me a shout and I will specify.

Caution Felines 5
Caution Felines 7
Caution Felines 9
Caution Felines 6
Caution Felines 14
Caution Felines 13
Caution Felines 8

Thanks, as always for checking in my blog. Would love to hear your feedback.

Now on to the next project – which is going back to the LOTR and Hobbit theme…. it’s gonna feature Elves….


Hi all,

As some of you may know – I’m a fan of The LOTR (Lord of the Ring) Triology and the Hobbit Triology. My husband and I watch these movies at least a couple of times a year. Each time I am in aw of all the costumes, set designs, props and oh – of course the characters! It surely is a goldmine of inspiration watching these movies!

I’ve made a canvas before with this in mind – “Gollum” and here’s another one. This one inspired by The Hobbit-series and the dwarves homestead “Erebor” inside the Lonely Mountain.

I tried fitting in as much as possible on the canvas, such as – all the gold, Smaug’s eye, Bilbo’s acorn, the eagles, a barrel, a sword a schield, the one ring, the key to Erebor and the kings jewel “The Arkenstone”.

Hope you like it!

Erebor Insta

Erebor 11

Erebor 4

Erebor 2

Smaug’s eye (the iris) was made after watching the brilliant Yvonne Williams tutorial on youtube. It was much easier than I thought it would be after following her guidelines. I warmly recommend you try making an eye – so much fun!

Erebor 5

Erebor 7

Erebor 8

Erebor 9Erebor 10

Erebor 12

And yes I have more coming up on this theme. but it’s gonna take me some time to gather props for them so I’ll be filling in with some other stuff in between.

Take care all!



Use your wings

Here’s a small canvas on the topic -rust.

This canvas is 20x20cm.

Use your Wings

Brick stencil used for the background.

The rust was made with Finnabair Art Extravagance Rust Effect Paste.

Use your Wings3

And here’s a close-up of the gorgeous rust..Use your Wings4

The sign “use your wings” is from Tim Holtz.

This canvas was sold during a fair a couple of weeks ago.

Take care!

Dirty Pouring Technique – Lava

Hi everyone,

This is a quick pic of the latest canvas using “”Dirty Pouring” Technique.

I have named this “Lava” and it’s a 50x30cm Canvas.

Pouring Lava

Colors used;

DecoArt Dazzling Metallics “Copper”
DecoArt Dazzling Metallics “Venetian Gold”
DecoArt Dazzling Metallics “Espresso Riche”
DecoArt Extreem Sheen “Champagne Gold”
and DecoArt Dazzling Metallics “Black Pearl”

Tacks for the view!

Take Care!