Key Unfolding


Back again, today with a Mixed Media Canvas that I call Key Unfolding.

I love key’s in all shapes and forms, on this canvas it really shows:-).

The starting point was the 12×12 stencil. Sorry I’m not sure of the maker but I do believe it is TCW. This stencil also gave me the inspiration for the title and the colors to use.

The colors are not my typical but I was going for a feel of mystical and fantasy – for me that is greens in different shades and then adding purple and gold.

Key Unfolding 1

The mists I have used to get the colors I wanted are; Tattered Angel’s Glimmer Mists “Dragonfly”, “Key Lime Pie”, “It’s Green” and “Fully Purple”.

Then I also added som Tatterd Angel’s Glimmer Glaze “Sweet Pea”.

Once the these colors (the base) was done, I started adding some Finnabair Art alchemy acrylic paint “Metallique Green Olive”, “Metallique Emerald Green” and “Brass Hardware” to all emellishments.

I continued by adding some more highlights to the embellishments with Inka Golds “violet”, “Old Gold” and lastly “Old Silver”.

Key Unfolding 4

Key Unfolding 3

Key Unfolding 8

Key Unfolding 7

Key Unfolding 2

Key Unfolding 5

That’s all for today, thanks for the view, wishing you all a great rest of the weekend!



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You make me complete

Hey everyone,

Today I’m showing you yet another canvas made with Tim Holtz Distress Crayons, Prima, Tim Holtz stencils and Canvas Corp Brands Architextures Parchment Rub-ons.

You make me complete

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

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Acrylic Pouring – Dirty Pour

Hi everyone,

Acrylic Pouring has been something I have been meaning to try for a long time now. I’ve been a bit intimidated – but yesterday I had my first go at it. The method I tried was a “Dirty Pour”. I have heard from others that once you try it you are hooked:-) and I can certainly see how you could become hooked on this. So much fun!!

For this first attempt I used white and black acrylics + DecoArt colors “Venetian Gold”, “Rich Espresso” and “Mink Pearl”.  The canvas is 50×20 cm so quite large – very hard to take photos of so therefore the colors are not popping as much here on photo as they do in real life… the look of it in real life I am really happy with actually.

Acrylic Pouring - 1st attempt

A close-up

Acrylic Pouring Close up 2

Here are the same colors used (the rest of the cup) on yet another 50×20 canvas. A completely different look.

Acrylic Pouring - 1st attempt 2nd canvas

and here’s a close-up of that one.

Acrylic Pouring - close up

Later on this week I can show you some more on this theme, because I spent most of the weekend doing several more:-)

Then I think it is back to my usual Mixed Media Canvases for a while…



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2 More canvases

Hi everyone,

As you saw last week I did a canvas using Tim Holtz Distress Crayons, stencils and CCB Rub-ons Architextures Parchment Rub-ons. This week I am continuing on the same theme.

Here are two more canvases, this time the canvases are 20×20 cm.

The first one I call  “Wish”. On this one I used CCB Rub-on “You are never to old to wish upon a star”, 2 different kinds of Tim Holtz stencils +  Tim Holtz Distress Crayons.


The next one is similar to the one I did last week, but smaller. This one I call “I am”.

The CCB rub-ons used here are the eyes + text “You can see it in my Eyes” + “I am kinda a big deal”. Again Tim Holtz Distress Crayons + stencils.

I am

Tomorrow I am showing you another (for me) new teqnique. I have tried “Acrylic Pouring” – so much fun.

Til’ tomorrow….

Have a great day!




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I am Me

Hi everyone,

Here today to show you a really quick 50×20 cm canvas that I really loved doing and I think it turned out so cool. I will attend a fair later on in October so therefore I am making some different types of art to attract all kinds of people to my booth:-)

Using Tim Holtz “Distress Crayons” for the first time and what a joy!! Already working on another one because this was so much fun!

Also used on this canvas are several Tim Holtz stencils + 2 from TCW.

The beautiful woman face scetch in the middle is a rub-on from Canvas Corp Brands “Architextures Partchment Rub-on Pose”

I am Me

More to come this weekend!



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Hi everyone,

Here’s a 20×20 cm canvas that I named “Garage”.

Garage 7

After glueing down all the metals, I painted the whole canvas with Finnabair’s Heavy Black Gesso. Then I Misted the whole piece with Tattered Angel’s Glimmer Mist “Graphite”. After that I started coloring the individual pieces with the following products;

Finnabair Art Extravagance Rust Effecte Paste “Brown Rust”, “Gold Rust” and “Rust”.
Inka Golds “Turquoise”, “Graphite”, “Silver” and “Ice Blue”.

Garage 5

Garage 2

Garage 8

Garage 4

Garage 3

Garage 6

That’s all for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with something completely different:-)



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Nemo – Mixed Media on a Hubcap

Hi everyone,

Going to work every morning I saw this tire hubcap laying on the side of the road. I started thinking about  using this as a base for a Mixed Media piece. I waited a week or two so that the owner of it would have a chance to collect it but it continued to lie there and taunt me every morning and afternoon. So one day I brought it home.

It was cleaned from oil and dirt and then it layed in my hobby room for some time before I decided to start doing something with it. I had had a thought about doing something nautical and steampunk with it – I thought about Captain Nemo. What types of embellishments did I have at home to use… well I had these goggles, bought in a hardware store some time ago. I had a broken porclean octopus – I put these 2 pieces in the middle of my hubcap and then Nemo was sort of born. I knew the direction I wanted to go.

Published on Canvas Corps today is a blogpost on this piece.

Here’s a photo taken when all the embellishments were glued in place and before the painting process.

Nemo Start

As you can see there are 2 Octopus tentacles sticking out on the top side of the goggles, these I made with Fimo clay. Love working with Fimo Clay so that’s something I wanna do more in the future.

Here is the finnished piece.

Nemo 2

Nemo 1

Nemo 3

Before showing more of the finnished piece here are some step-by-step photos.

After all the embellishments were glued down. I painted the octopus with blue acrylic color. I did this because I wanted the blue to shine through the mists that I was going to add later. On the side of the googles I glued chipboard shapes to decorate it and then lots of shells, cogwheels. I also glued down chunks of microbeads here an there. This to give the illusion of corrosion and dirt. I glued metal whire on the goggles eyes. The sides of the goggles were painted with brown acrylic color and the rest of the piece was painted with Finnabair Heavy Black Gesso.

Nemo 001

Now it was time to start coloring the piece.

Below photo shows me starting with 2 mists – Tattered Angels Plain Jane Baseboard “Grass” and “Wave”. These Baseboard colors cover really well – excellent to use as base colors.

Nemo 004

Now it was time for the Mists. All of them Tattered Angels “Glimmer Mists”:”Key Lime Pie”, “Dragonfly”, “Patina”, “Tokyo” and “Coffee Shop”.

To give the googles a great steampunk look I colored it with “Tattered Angels “Sugar Maple”. Love this color – gives it an aged copper look. The gold on the goggles was painted with Tattered Angels High Impact Paint “Light Gold”.

To get the goggles a more corroded look I painted with Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam “Rustic” and I painted all the shells and some parts here and there with Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam “Lime Cordial” that gave the impression of Algae.

This is the piece when I was done with the misting- before attending to all the embellishments.

Nemo 003

To make all the embelishments pop I used Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam “Rustic” and then 2 Inka Golds “Oldsilver” and “Oldgold”.

and here it is again, my altered hubcap inspired by Captain Nemo;

Nemo 4

Nemo 5

Nemo 8

Nemo 12

Nemo 24

Nemo 23

Nemo 20

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Steampunk on CCB

Two of my previous works were published yesterday on Canvas Corps Brand Blog
for the theme “Steampunk with Tattered Angels”. Check out the link to see more on this specific topic.

The works published were Lucky and Lucy + Gollum


Gollum 1

and that’s all for today. Now back to my ongoing project, can’t wait to show you this when it is done!

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Mini Journals

Vacation time is here, sunbathing on the porch, attending the garden, being lazy  – what a wonderful time of the year!

I haven’t been completely lazy though. Check out the Mini Journal I made for one of Canvas Corp Brands Crew Challenges.

About 90% of materials used (Papers, quotes and stamps) are of course from Canvas Corps Brands Shop.

More photos below:

Mini Journal 1

Mini Journal LS 3

Mini Journal LS 4

Mini Journal LS 5

Mini Journal LS 7

Mini Journal LS 8

Mini Journal LS 9


More to come in just a few minutes:-)




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Broken Flowerpot – Frog Garden

Hi everyone,

Have had a bit of an art version of “Writers block”. What do we call it – Mixed Media Block or Art Block, don’t know but I’ve had it:-) Anyway the inspiration has not really been there. With the garden starting to bloom and really nice sunny days – sitting inside a hobby room has not been on my priority list. So how to combine my love of art AND flowers… a Broken Flower Pot of course. I started blogging to get inspiration. There are tons of tutorials on Youtube for Broken Flower Pots, Miniature Fairy Gardens and Fairy Houses. I had everything at home but a big Flower Pot so after shopping that and asking my husband to saw it in 2 pieces (he’s got the tools) I went to work.

The mushroom house was made with fimo (polymer) clay, using a glass yar as base. I found that I really love working with clay! So I also made a few mushrooms, and a bench looking like it was made of wood. My husband who loves working with wood made the nice lamp that I painted green. I can’t take credit for the Frogs, these were actually purchased in a garden shop some time ago but they fit perfectly in my garden.

Once everything was fabricated, painted and also sealed with outdoor varnish, I started assembling the broken flowerpot and planting the flowers. I’ll tell you – it was not as easy as I thought it would be – but I had loads of fun. I’m gonna make more of these!

So here it goes:

Broken Flowerpot - Frog Garden 1

Broken Flowerpot - Frog Garden 3

Broken Flowerpot - Frog Garden 6

Broken Flowerpot - Frog Garden 8Broken Flowerpot - Frog Garden 9

Broken Flowerpot - Frog Garden 4

Broken Flowerpot - Frog Garden 7



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