Murphy’s Law

Back in Biz:-)

This Mixed Media Canvas is a request from a dear work colleague of mine. She brought some small mechanics from her and hur husbands cars – pieces that were broken. She requested that I incorparate these in the canvas. Another request was that the canvas should have a lot of black and silver. I also happen to know that they have an internal joke in their family and that is that Murphy has moved in to their house – you know Murphy’s Law –

– If something can go wrong it will….

I had a ton of fun making this canvas for her and her family. Incorporating lots of things that only mean something to them. Of course it had to be a canvas with a car theme.

Here’s for you Heidi, Pasi and Sebastian.

Murphy's Law 11B

Murphy's Law 12

Murphy's Law 3

Murphy's Law 7

Murphy's Law 5

Murphy's Law 6

Lastly a photo of the canvas in the making…

Murphy's Law before

Feels good to be back, see you soon!


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2 Responses to Murphy’s Law

  1. Heidi says:

    Thanks dear friend. We love it.


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