Find the key to your life

Happy new year to you all!

Here’s a 15×15 size canvas I made during the holidays.
During my visits to the fleamarkets I tend to look for certain things, keys are one of those things. I just love to think of the history behind these keys. What houses, draws, secret compartments etc they have opened.

I had a thought over the christmas holidays that I wanted to use several of my key-finds on one canvas. This is the result.

I wanted to challenge myself to only use 2-3 mists. I’ve used Lindy’s Stamp Gang’s “Hibiscus Rose”, Incandescent Copper” and in the middle over the keys I wanted a lighter area so I used Ranger Perfect Perls Mist “Bronze”. When all was sprayed and dried, I went over the canvas with Inca Golds to brighten the keys and some ornaments.

Find the Key to your life_1

Find the Key to your life_4
Find the Key to your life_5
Find the Key to your life_10
Find the Key to your life_8

That’s all for today, see you soon!


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