Caution Felines


Back again – this time with a canvas I made on commission. My hairdresser wanted me to make a canvas inspired by steampunk and cats. She wanted it in dark, “dirty colors”. So here’s the finnished Mixed Media Canvas – I call it “Caution Felines”.

Caution Felines 1

As most of my art, it is a bit whimsical and yes some might say weird:-)

Here you can see cats sitting in “stations”, one in the Combing and Cutting station (of course related to the fact that this canvas was made for my hairdresser), one in the shower station, one cat praying on the birds above and one cat – the leader of the pack sitting on his throne, sort of keeping close eye on all the others.

Caution Felines 4
Caution Felines 2

On this canvas I have used a lot of gears, both chipboard gears and real gears from machines earlier picked a part. There are electrical parts and mechanical parts.

The colors used are about 90% Canvas Corps Brands – Tatterd Angels Mists, Glimmer Glaze and High Impact Paints. The other 10% are Inka Golds. If you’re curios to know as to which colors do give me a shout and I will specify.

Caution Felines 5
Caution Felines 7
Caution Felines 9
Caution Felines 6
Caution Felines 14
Caution Felines 13
Caution Felines 8

Thanks, as always for checking in my blog. Would love to hear your feedback.

Now on to the next project – which is going back to the LOTR and Hobbit theme…. it’s gonna feature Elves….

2 Comments on “Caution Felines

  1. Oh dear …. your feline canvas is awesome !! What a lot of fabulous items you managed to incorporate. This is the way I love steampunk ! I just LOVE your canvas. I hope your hairdresser love it just as much !!! You are very skilled and creative.
    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely art !!
    Hugs from Monica


    • Dear Monica, thank you so much for your kind words!! I´m happy to report that my hairdresser really liked the piece!! Take care!


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