Break Free – Mixed Media Canvas

Hi everyone,

Published today on Canvas Corp Brands Blog is my latest Mixed Media Canvas “Break Free – Embrace your individuality”.

Break Free 01

You can also go to Youtube and watch my movie on how I did this canvas using Tattered Angels Products.

Break Free – Youtube

Break Free 02

Break Free 03

Break Free 04

Break Free 05

Break Free 06

Step 1 – Glued lace, egg and embellishment on canvas

Break Free_Step 1

Step 2 – Colored the entire piece with Black Gesso

Break Free_Step 2

Step 3 – Coloring with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists, High Impact Paint and Glimmer Glam Gliter Paint.

Break Free_Step 3

Step 4 – Dry brush everything except the big egg.
Step 5 – Add the Swans head and the Wings (cut out from Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origin Paper “Grace”. Check out the youtube video for more details on how I did the Wings.

Thanks for stopping by and see  ya soon!


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Inside – Mixed Media Canvas steampunk style

Hi everyone,

I realize this style is not for everyone, but for me it has become a bit of an obsession….Here’s another signature Scrappin’ Stain type of canvas:-)

I call it “Inside” and the reason for this is that most of the pieces on the canvas are actual insides from something. For instance; I have taken lot’s of parts from a Heating tool, the insides from a telephone, several parts from insides of clocks and believe it or not, the insides of a sewing machine.

As some of the parts are quite heavy I had to secure the backside of the top canvas (meaning I screwed 2 peices of wood on the backside to make it more sturdy) and then I glued that canvas on top of another. This way the canvas is more stable and all the weight is evenly distributed. Also I liked the look of it with two canvases on top of eachother.

Once all the pices were glued on to the canvas, I painted the whole thing in a brown color. I have found that using white or black gesso as a primers does not work well with the bronze, green’s and gold colored mists. After it was painted brown I started using my mists using Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists; “Bronze”, “Vintage Brass”, “Walnut Gold”, “Roll Top Desk”, “Safari Green”, “Key Lime Pie” and “It’s Green”.

And once everything was sprayed with all the mists, I went over the whole thing with my Inka Golds to hightlight all the details. And voila….

Inside 1

Inside 14

Inside 10

Inside 6

Inside 2

Inside 4

Inside 21

Inside 24

Inside 25

Inside 26

Inside 29

Inside 30

I hope I can inspire some of you to pick apart your clocks, electric tools and…well just about anything, the hidden treasures inside are worth the job!

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!


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Flowers and Lace – Thoughts of spring

After doing some canvases in darker colors or steampunk style, it’s nice to break off and do something really romantic and flowery. Outside spring is slowly but surely entering my part of the world, that was my inspiration for this canvas.

This time I only covered the back of the canvas with white Gesso. The lace is original color and so are the flowers and leaves. The only mists I have added are on top of the canvas when all was done – then I added some Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist “Irridescent Silver”. This of course makes it shine really nice and also gives it a little glimmer which looks a bit like frost (you can see this especially on the green leaves).

Flowers and Lace 4

Flowers and Lace 2

Flowers and Lace 3

Flowers and Lace 5

Thanks for stopping by, see ya soon!


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La Cuisine

Well you all know by now that I love to rumble around at fleemarkets and fairs. Trying to find beautiful/fun/crazy stuff for my canvases.

Wasn’t just everything more detailed and beautiful in the past? Look at these cutlery, they just don’t make spoons or dessert cutlery that beautiful anymore, right?. When I saw these in the fleemarket I knew I wanted to make a canvas where they really stood out, so actually this time I made a canvas where the pieces were the focus – not the coloring or style. In short I named my canvas La Cuisine (Kitchen) and here it is.

La Cuisine 1

I have only used one color for this canvas; Dylusions Paint “Slate Grey”from Ranger and White gesso.

La Cuisine 2

La Cuisine 3

La Cuisine 4

Grey is really one of my favorite colors right now so the canvas also represents that. Actually I participated in a fair myself yesterday, showing off my canvases and selling some pieces. I sold this one and got orders for two more in the same style and coloring:-) Wohoo…

See you soon!


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Winds of Change

Found this old Barometer in a fleamarket and thought it was so cool. It had stuck on “Ostadigt” and “Blåst” which pretty much means “Unsteady” and “Windy”. So the title “Winds of change” came to mind.

I got tons of gears and a beautiful wing from Boozy bear at Etzy. These fitted perfectly with my idea.

For this canvas I have also used tons of lace, cogs, flowers and ornaments. Once everthing was glued down I colored it with varios mists. This time using both Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists and also Lindy’s Stamp Gang.

I entered this canvas to the SanDee & Amelie’s Steampunk Challenges.

Winds of Change 1

Winds of Change 8

Winds of Change 9

Winds of Change 10

Winds of Change 12

Winds of Change 14

Winds of Change 3

Winds of Change 6

Winds of Change 4

and that’s it for today, thanks for stopping by! See you soon!




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Hi everyone,

This was one of my first canvases, made about 2½ years ago. Unfortunately I had had it standing on our balcony and therefore it had gotten sun damaged. So I decided to give it some new colors – it was renovated:-)

Here’s how the canvas looked 2 ½ years ago;

Spring 7

And here it is now;

Flowers 5

Flowers 4

Flowers 2

Flowers 1

I actually like it better now, what do you think?



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Finnabair “Imagine” Online class – Gollum

Hi everyone,

Last weekend was a happy one, I participated in the Imagine Online class with Finnabair, check it out by pressing the logo below. I can absolutely recommend you to purchase this class. I learned so much, it was so inspiring to watch Anna’s technique, tips and trix. Can’t wait for the next class to go online! Below is my canvas made after taking this class. I call it “Gollum”.

The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit Series are my favorite movies, so of course it was just a matter of time before I made a canvas with this theme. Here is Gollum:-)

Gollum 1

Gollum 5

My canvas is 20X20 cm. I have used Finnabair’s black Heavy Gesso and White Gesso as base. The mists I used for coloring are Tattered Angel’s “Rolling Tide”, “Jack Frost” and my new favorite “Dragonfly”. Last steps was to highlight areas, this was done with Ink Golds “Platin”. Oh and the blue parts that I colored blue were done with Inka Gold “Steelblue”.

Gollum 7

To add even more of “me” in the canvas I added some cogs on the sides… can’t live without these:-)

Gollum 10

Gollum 8

Gollum 14

Gollum 19

Gollum 3

and lastly, but very important for me… I try to use one piece of jewelry from my sister on all my canvases, in homage to her… on this canvas, it was the Elephant.

Gollum 6


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Flower Brush – Altered paint brush

Hi everyone,

I have this lovely box in my craft room, containing all my flowers. I was inspired by this when I altered a paint brush.


Using lots of lace for the handle and base.


After all the flowers were glued on the brush, I gessoed the brush twice with white Gesso. Once dry,  I started painting it using Finnabair’s Art alchemy Acrylic paints “Opal Magic Rose-Gold”, “Opal Magic Blue-Gold”, “Opal Magic Violet Gold”, Metallique Vintage Rose” and “Opal Magic Green-Gold.

The handle was misted with Lindy’s Stamp Gang Mists “T-bird Turqoise” and “Pink Ladies Pink”. Lastly but also very important I used Prima’s “Color Bloom Pearl White” spray mist all over the brush a couple of times, giving it the perfect pearly shine I was after.





Thanks all for today, hope you enjoyed.

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Altered Day of the Dead skull

Hi everyone,

I got this beautiful Day of the Dead skull from my husband for my birthday. I had seen it before and fallen for it like crazy, but I also knew I wanted to change it a bit, I wanted to paint it, make the floweres and ornaments pop even more.

From the same store that the skull was from I bought a birds foot (actually a candle holder) this was put on the bottom of the skull as a footer. I am so so happy with the result. Now it has a beautiful place in our home.

This is the skull in original:


Here’s the store it was bought from;

And here it is altered and with the foot:-)









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Jolly Dolly


As you all know by now – I love to visit fleamarkets and pick up items for my art.

For this canvas I have used spoons and a doll head. A nicer version of Jolly Roger, hence “Jolly Dolly”.


Several stencils were used for the background and lace from my stash on the canvas sides.

When all was glued down I colored it all with white gesso. Once dried, I started using my mists. For this canvas I have used tons of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists. For complete list of colors, see end of this entry. Between the spoons I glued down a Pricesca Crystal hardware from 7Gypsies   this was colored with Stained Glass “Aqua” also available from Tattered Angels.

The gold flakes on the left spoon are “Pasta Luce” from Stamperia.







Ok so for the coloring (all from Tattered Angels);

Glimmer Mists; Dragonfly, Sugar Maple, Vanilla Breeze, Walnut Gold, Patina and Rolling Tide. Everything is also after it was done misted with Iridescent Silver.

Stained Glass “Aqua” for the crystal Hardware from 7Gypsies.

Certain areas were also covered with Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam; Rustic, Turquose and Light Gold.

Thanks for this time, see you soon again:-)

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