Meet Lucky & Lucy

Hi everyone,

Meet Lucky & Lucy – my new friends:-)


I found these binoculars in a fleemarket some time ago. I knew I wanted to have them for a future Steampunk Project but didn’t have a set idea.

So last week I sat it in front of me and started thinking, what does it look like, what can I do with it. Pretty soon I saw 2 people there… standing beside eachother and hence Lucy and Lucky was born:-)

Glued a lot of gears and cool stuff on it, making Lucy more feminine with lace, a facial mask, handbag and a flower. Lucky got a tie made out of a zipper and a lamp as a head.

The fantastic wings are chipboard from Boozybear.

After everything was glued on the binoculars. I painted it very thouroughly with Finnabair’s Black Gesso.

And then it was time for the fun part – coloring. I am using Tattered Angels from Canvas Corps Brands. For exact colors used please see end of this entry.








Colors used are Tattered Angels Mists; Vintage Brass, Coffee Shop, Dragonfly, It’s Green, Tokyo, Tattered Leather, Walnut Gold, Key Lime Pie, Sugar Maple and Plane Jane Baseboard Grass and Chocolate Brown.


Once every thing was colored, I have used Inka Golds to highlight here and there.

Will be back on Monday with my next Project.


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Winter, Spring

Hi everyone,

Making some canvases that will all fit together as a theme. Here are the first two out; Winter and Spring.

With everything white outside my window and cold temperatures –  I sure can’t wait for spring to come! Had the old song “winter, spring, summer or fall”…  running around in my head when I decided to make these canvases:-)


Everything is glued on the canvas, painted with white gesso and then parts are painted with Tim Holtz Distress Paints. I didn’t want to paint everything but just certain parts here and there. I wanted the white to be dominant. To hightligt certain areas I used Inka Golds “Silver”.

After everything was painted I sprayed several layers of Prima’s Color Bloom Spray “Pearl White” over both canvases.












Guess what the following two will be about?

Ooh and I want to mention that the skies were carved out of wood by my husband, tailor made according to my wishies:-)

See you soon!

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2017 Planner

To plan my upcoming projects for next year, to inspire me, to try out new techniques I bought a planner.

..and to make it really feel like “mine”….my precious:-) I altered it.

Tim Holtz idea-ology quote band (top center of the planner) is there to inspire me “Creativity: the ability to use, or explore the imagination, to design and express ideas”

Colors used for this planner are Tattered Angels Mists: “Walnut Gold”, “Butternut Squash”, “it’s Greeen” and “Tattered Leather”.









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Black Friday – CCB Challenge

Over at Canvas Corp Brands Collective on Facebook we  have a challenge right now due to Black Friday weekend.

The challenge is to: Create a project that is 90% black – the other 10% can only be white, grey, or metallic. The challenge is open until Dec 1st.

So here is my take on this challenge.

Products used are various metal charms, scraps and some snow flakes. The coloring was done with Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Paint System Bare Metal

It’s very dark (black) but that was also the challenge:-) Thinking of tar or oil when looking at this. Love how the leaves turned out with the green shading from “Butternut Squash”.





See you soon!


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A member of Canvas Corp Brands Crew 2017


This week I received the wonderful news that I had been chosen for the Canvas Corps Brands Crew for 2017. I am over the moon happy about this. It is such an honor and I can’t wait to start making art together with this crew and with their amazing products!!

Check out the announcement video on Youtube:

We’re a huge crew…. but wait til’ you get to “L” and you will see my name:-)

So in the future you will see a lot of Tattered Angels, 7gypsies and CCB products used on my art.

– Let’s get ready to rumble….





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Human – Mixed Media Canvas

Hi everyone,

This canvas was totally inspired by the lyrics from a song by Oscar Zia “Human”. I think the lyrics are just brilliant, and so thoughtful.

Here’s a part of it:
If you think we’re human, take a look once again.
If you think we’re human, where’s the heart when we just look away.
If you think we’re human, you should think once again
If you think wer’re human, look at us it’s time to make a change, and the question remains
about the world and why we’re here, what’s the purpose of pain

… etc etc. A great song, great lyrics. Not my typical cup of tea for sure but I really like it.




The canvas was painted with Tattered Angels Natural Aged Paint System (4 bottles) and the heart, wings and doll faces were painted with Tattered Angels Natural Aged Paint System “bronze” version, also 4 bottles in the package. I added some extra red to the heart (it’s read) also from TA for extra depth. These Paint system’s are so so cool. You’ve gotta try them if you haven’t already:-)





Thanks for checking in.
Next project is going to be steampunk style:-)


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Mixed Media Tiles Canvas “Life”

Hi everyone,

I’ve been wanting to try to make a Tiles canvas for a while now and here is my take on it. I cut a total of 36 foam pieces. Used modeling paste and several stencils to get different patterns on each tile. I painted it with black gesso (Finnabair) as base color.

Then I took out all my “Primary Elements” powders in blue’s and greens. The tiles were highlighted with Deco Art Metalics “Glorious Gold”. Lastly I picked out some small metal charms that I painted in rusty brown color and then used turquoise and gold to highlight them.

I don’t really know why but I thought of the name Life when I was working on it, so the charms that I put on it kind of symbolizes “Life”.








That’s all from me today. Thanks for checking in!

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Angel Light – Altered piece


I’ve had several projects that I just tossed aside these past weeks. I just wasn’t feeling them, wasn’t satisfied. Maybe I’ll change the colorings on them and be more satisfied later on but for now, they lay in “rest mode”.

But here’s a project I did yesterday. The candle light is a find from a fleemarket of course. It was green in color before I started altering it.

First it was painted with Finnabair’s black gesso. Then I used Finnabair’s Art Extravagance Rust Effect paste’s. The effects of these products are so great. My “Angel Light” now has a home in our living room. Standing on the top of a shelf looking so vintage:-)





Wishing you all a great end to the weekend! By for now.



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Days of our Lives


This Mixed Media canvas is a tribute to the life that I share with my husband. Pretty much everything on this piece is a special memory for us. The year we met and the year we got married,  memories from our travels, our passions, hobbies etc.  The photo was of course taken on our wedding day.

I call the canvas Days of our Lives.


For coloring I have used DecoArt Dazzling Metallics “Silver/sage”, “Black Pearl” and “White Pearls”. Sprayed self made black mist here and there and Prima Color Bloom “Storm Cloud”. And of course the finnishing was done with Inka Golds (Silver, Platinum, Iceblue).





That’s all for now. Back soon!


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Witches Apothecary

Hi everyone,
My favorite holiday is soon here – Halloween. Went shopping today for pumkins, orange colored flowers and skeleton pieces so that I can make a “show piece” for our front porch of our house.

Also working on a “scary” mixed media canvas. Inspiration to this came from watching the great TV-series Penny Dreadful. If you haven’t seen it yet I can definetly recomend it!!

But until then. Here is one of my favorite pieces in this genre. It’s a Wiches Apothecary that I made a couple of years ago. Now hanging in our stair case of our new house.

dscf4371 dscf4405

dscf4335 dscf4369

dscf4340 dscf4358

dscf4348 dscf4343


Have a wonderful weekend!

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