No Waste

I really love recycling. In our house junk or trash quite often end up on my canvases. Here´s a Mixed Media Assemblage of real junk – Nothing should have to go to waste:-)

This piece has been painted with only a few colors, all Finnabairs. Black heavy Gesso as base and then 5 Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints and lastly Waxes. If you haven´t tried these waxes you should, they are so cool.

See if you can spot all the junk on this piece:-) I´ll tell you some of them; A shell from an old cell phone, a piece of chord from a phone, a soldering iron, circuit boards from various electric devices, a diabetic pen etc etc. Oh and can you spot the piece fucilli Pasta?

And that´s all folks for today.

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