Mixed Media Gallery

Caution Felines (Sold)

Caution Felines 1


Erebor Insta

Salvaged (Sold)


Rolling Matilda

3 Minutes to Midnight 1


Nemo 2

Break Free

Break Free 02

Flowers and Lace

Flowers and Lace 4

La Cuisine (Sold)

La Cuisine 2


Gollum 5

Gollum 10

Winds of Change (Sold)

Winds of Change 1

Renovating an “older piece” that had faded in the colors

Flowers 2

Winter and Spring


Black Friday (Sold)


Days of our Lives


Murphy’s Law (Sold)

Murphy's Law 11B

Time Machine

Time Machine20

Time Machine10


Hello_4  Hello_2

Time Flies – Carpe Diem

TIme Flies_12

Find the key to your life
Find the Key to your life_1
Find the Key to your life_4

Live Laugh Love

Live Laugh Love_10

Steampunk Explosion

Steampunk Explosion 15

Time Travel – A Trio in canvases (Sold)
Time Travel Part 1_1
Time Travel Part 2_1

Time Travel Part 3_13
Time Travel Trio_1

It is what it is
It is what it is

It is what it is3




Adventure Everyday

Adventure EveryDay1

Trust the Magic
Trust the Magic Trust the Magic 8

Industrial Chic II
Industrial Chic Part 2 - 13 Industrial Chic Part 2 - 8

Dream Big

Dream Big6 Dream Big5

Golden Flowers (Sold)
Golden Flowers1 Golden Flowers2

Free  your Mind
Free your Mind Main Free your Mind 4

Free your Mind 18

Love Life
Love Life1  Love Life6

Caribbean 9 Caribbean7

I dream of Painting
I dream of Painting9 I dream of Painting5

Sweet Happiness
Sweet Happiness 3 Sweet Happiness 1
Sweet Happiness 4

Heat It – ART
Heat It - Art3Heat It - Art5

Love Always & Forever

Love Always Forever 6 Love Always Forever 5

I love Art

Love Art1 Love Art2

When someone you Love becomes a memory

Angel of Memory 4 Angel of Memory 8

Fantastiska saker händer modiga människor (Sold)

Fantastiska saker 3 Fantastiska saker 2

Northern Lights

Northern Lights 3 Northern Lights 2

Rustic Beauty (Sold)
Rustic Beautiful1 Rustic Beautiful3

Spring Moments

Spring 1Spring 6

Steampunk Dreamer (Sold)

Steampunk Dreamer 1

Steampunk Dreamer 2

Steampunk Dreamer 3

Jag älskar dig av hela min rumpa (Sold)
I love you 15

I love you 7

I love you 15

With Love
With Love 1

With Love 3

With Love 4

KissesKisses 2


Cold Coffee – Kallt Kaffe
Kallt kaffe 9Kallt kaffe 5

Frozen (Sold)

Frozen 1 Frozen 5

Frozen 4

If you’re feeling blue (Sold)
Heidi 1

Heidi 4

Wait for your soul (Sold)
Vänta in själen 1

Vänta in själen 4
Vänta in själen 3

Savannah “You’re Beautiful”

Savannah 1

Savannah 2

Savannah 5

Savannah 4

Industrial Chic

Industrial Chic 11

Industrial Chic 7

Industrial Chic 3

Industrial Chic 4

Barbados/Mexico Scrappbooking Binder Cover

Album Cover 2

40 Years (Sold)
40 years young blogg

40 years young blogg 3

40 years young blogg 2

40 years young blogg 5

Flower Mother
Mother in flowers 2

Flowers up close 2

Flowers up close on Mother in flowers

Grandpa goes Steampunk (Sold)
Grandpa goes Steampunk

Everything is Possible
Everything is possible



Beach Art
Beach ArtBeach Art DetailBeach Art Detail 2

Savannah is home

Savanna is home       Savanna is home - details







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