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Broken Flowerpot – Frog Garden

Hi everyone, Have had a bit of an art version of “Writers block”. What do we call it – Mixed Media Block or Art Block, don’t know but I’ve had it:-) Anyway the inspiration has not really been there. With the garden starting to… Continue Reading “Broken Flowerpot – Frog Garden”

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Altered Day of the Dead skull

Hi everyone, I got this beautiful Day of the Dead skull from my husband for my birthday. I had seen it before and fallen for it like crazy, but I also knew I wanted to change it a bit, I wanted to paint it,… Continue Reading “Altered Day of the Dead skull”

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Angel Light – Altered piece

Hi! I’ve had several projects that I just tossed aside these past weeks. I just wasn’t feeling them, wasn’t satisfied. Maybe I’ll change the colorings on them and be more satisfied later on but for now, they lay in “rest mode”. But here’s a… Continue Reading “Angel Light – Altered piece”

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