Altered Gallery

Planner from Websters Pages – Altered



Remote Control Storage

remote-control-storage-7 remote-control-storage-6


Jewelry hanger

Watertap and some scrap4 Watertap and some scrap8

Lamp Shade and complete lamp with the new shade.

Lamp Shade front left

Lamp Shade from below

Lamp Foot done a bit earlier in the summer of 2015.

Rustic Lamp3

Rustic Lamp4

Sun Box3 Sun Box1

Sun Box5

Scissor Storage1

Scissor Storage3

Låda 5 Låda 6

Book Box 3 Book Box 1

Coffee 3

Altered Book – Tea Box

Mammas tebok 6

Mammas tebok 2

Mammas tebok 1

Mammas tebok 3

Mammas tebok 4

Mammas tebok

Mammas tebok 5

Mammas tebok 8

Steampunk Christmas Ornaments

Steampunkheart 3

Steampunkheart 2 Steampunkhjärta 1

Steampunkornament 2 Steampunkornament 1

Luftballong 1 Luftballong 3

Altered box “Tea”

Telåda framifrånTelåda lås

Telåda insidaTelåda blomma

Witches Apothecary

Creativica WA 2 Creativica WA 5

Creativica WA 14 Creativica WA 13

Creativica WA 11 Creativica WA 6

Steampunk style bracelet
Steampunk bracelet 2

Beach Sign with flip flops
Beach Flip Flops
Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitations

Halloween Tags

Halloween Coffin Tags


Häxkista DSCF4122

Skelett i kista Tagbotten på skelett tag





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