Face Off – Texture and Rust

Happy New Year to Everyone!

This holiday I have made 3 completely different canvases;

  • Face Off – Rust and textures
  • Three Minutes to Midnight – introducing Rolling Matilda – Steampunk style canvas
  • Abstract – Turquoise

First out is Face Off.

Faces were done with air dry clay using molds that I purchased online. I’m guessing a lot of you have tried air dry clay – sometimes the outcome is great and sometimes it cracks… This time the faces were completely cracked so my initial thought was to just throw them away but then I decided to use that and do 2 faces that looked like two old rusty masks.

Face Off

I used tons of different textures on the cavas, cardboard, cheese cloth, bubble wrap etc. Glued down the masks and then I tried something newly purchased;

Rust and corrosion liquid + iron metal powder. There are tons of these out on the market, I found a Swedish Online store that I purchased from


First you paint the surface with regular school type glue, then you sprinkle the iron metal powder and lastly the liquid is added with a pencil. After an hour or so it all starts to look rusty and corroded. The instructions told me that I should stop the process with some type of varnish but I just let it go…. I wanted everything to be completely covered with rust.

To add some finnishing touches I added Finnabair’s Rust paste here and there + some green color (Inka Golds).

It was great fun to try these different textures and the Rust/corrosion – Highly recommend it if you’re a rust-fan as I am:-)

Face Off 1

Face Off 2

Face Off 4

Face Off 3

Face Off 5

Tune in for the following two canvases later this week. Wishing you all a great ending to this weekend!

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