Broken Flowerpot – Frog Garden

Hi everyone,

Have had a bit of an art version of “Writers block”. What do we call it – Mixed Media Block or Art Block, don’t know but I’ve had it:-) Anyway the inspiration has not really been there. With the garden starting to bloom and really nice sunny days – sitting inside a hobby room has not been on my priority list. So how to combine my love of art AND flowers… a Broken Flower Pot of course. I started blogging to get inspiration. There are tons of tutorials on Youtube for Broken Flower Pots, Miniature Fairy Gardens and Fairy Houses. I had everything at home but a big Flower Pot so after shopping that and asking my husband to saw it in 2 pieces (he’s got the tools) I went to work.

The mushroom house was made with fimo (polymer) clay, using a glass yar as base. I found that I really love working with clay! So I also made a few mushrooms, and a bench looking like it was made of wood. My husband who loves working with wood made the nice lamp that I painted green. I can’t take credit for the Frogs, these were actually purchased in a garden shop some time ago but they fit perfectly in my garden.

Once everything was fabricated, painted and also sealed with outdoor varnish, I started assembling the broken flowerpot and planting the flowers. I’ll tell you – it was not as easy as I thought it would be – but I had loads of fun. I’m gonna make more of these!

So here it goes:

Broken Flowerpot - Frog Garden 1

Broken Flowerpot - Frog Garden 3

Broken Flowerpot - Frog Garden 6

Broken Flowerpot - Frog Garden 8Broken Flowerpot - Frog Garden 9

Broken Flowerpot - Frog Garden 4

Broken Flowerpot - Frog Garden 7



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