Meet Lucky & Lucy

Hi everyone,

Meet Lucky & Lucy – my new friends:-)


I found these binoculars in a fleemarket some time ago. I knew I wanted to have them for a future Steampunk Project but didn’t have a set idea.

So last week I sat it in front of me and started thinking, what does it look like, what can I do with it. Pretty soon I saw 2 people there… standing beside eachother and hence Lucy and Lucky was born:-)

Glued a lot of gears and cool stuff on it, making Lucy more feminine with lace, a facial mask, handbag and a flower. Lucky got a tie made out of a zipper and a lamp as a head.

The fantastic wings are chipboard from Boozybear.

After everything was glued on the binoculars. I painted it very thouroughly with Finnabair’s Black Gesso.

And then it was time for the fun part – coloring. I am using Tattered Angels from Canvas Corps Brands. For exact colors used please see end of this entry.








Colors used are Tattered Angels Mists; Vintage Brass, Coffee Shop, Dragonfly, It’s Green, Tokyo, Tattered Leather, Walnut Gold, Key Lime Pie, Sugar Maple and Plane Jane Baseboard Grass and Chocolate Brown.


Once every thing was colored, I have used Inka Golds to highlight here and there.

Will be back on Monday with my next Project.


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4 Responses to Meet Lucky & Lucy

  1. lindasimpsoncraftypieceofheaven says:

    WOW! This is just awesome! I love steampunk and this is amazing, love all the added extra’s they work so well.
    Linda xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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