Month: Jan 2017

Jolly Dolly

Hi, As you all know by now – I love to visit fleamarkets and pick up items for my art. For this canvas I have used spoons and a doll head. A nicer version of Jolly Roger, hence “Jolly Dolly”. Several stencils were used…

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Meet Lucky & Lucy

Hi everyone, Meet Lucky & Lucy – my new friends:-) I found these binoculars in a fleemarket some time ago. I knew I wanted to have them for a future Steampunk Project but didn’t have a set idea. So last week I sat it…

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Winter, Spring

Hi everyone, Making some canvases that will all fit together as a theme. Here are the first two out; Winter and Spring. With everything white outside my window and cold temperatures –  I sure can’t wait for spring to come! Had the old song…

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