Shopping cool stuff

Hi everyone,

So happy to see so many people finding my blog even though I haven’t blogged in a while, so a big thank you for stopping by!

As me and my husband are in the midst of mooving most of my stuff has been packed and therefore I have not been able to do any artwork.

This summer when we are in our new house I will have a much bigger and more flexible hobby room – so so looking forward to that!!

I am planning on making lot’s of new things for the house – lamps, hangers etc and of course lots and lots of canvases.

What I am still able to do until we are in our new house – is go shopping for future artwork.

Look at all these cool amazing items I found at a farmers fleemarket yesterday.This photo only shows a small part of the big box of super cool stuff I found… “The rustier the merrier” right? Well at least I think so:-) ..Can’t wait to start working with these.

Fleemarket finds

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