Steampunk – Industrial Lamp Shade

Hi everyone,

For those of you that have seen my Lamp Foot before. Here is finally the Lamp Shade now complete. It has taken me some time to complete. I gave the measurements of the lamp shade to my husband and he welded four metal pieces together and also the interior so that it would fit my lamp. The insides of the lamp was sprayed with copper spray. Then I started to decorate the lamp Shade.

I have used lots of metal embellishments (as usual). On one side I glued half of a copper mug to the lamp shade, I thought it looked like a weird handle.

Lamp Shade front left

Lamp Shade left side

Since the lamp is made of all metal, I wanted to make a window for the light to sip through a bit. This Window is shown below.

Lamp Shade Front right

Lamp Shade Window

The front of the lamp took me the longest to make. The inside of the round circle here is filled with mini gears to make it look like the insides of a clock. The glas that I put on top of it is from an old clock that I recycled. I wanted this part of the lamp shade to really pop and therefore I colored everything inside this circle gold.

Lamp Shade front closeup

After everything was glued down, i started by filling all the empty spaces with Texture Sand Paste just so that it was not completely flat metal under. It gives the lamp shade a nice texture. After that I painted everything with Art Basics Black Heavy Gesso. Then I used Prima Color Bloom Spray Mist – Antique Gold. During this part I had to cover the gold circle so that I didn’t get mist all over the glass. After that I went over all the embellishtments with Inca Golds to make each item pop.

Here is the complete lamp now also with the foot that I did earlier this summer.
Complete Lamp1  Lamp Shade from below

Lamp Shade Complete Lamp

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