I dream of Painting

Today it’s time to blog again at K-Designs.

Love this quote from Vincent Van Gogh – “I dream of painting – and then I paint my Dream”.

The quote fits me perfectly! I am constantly thinking of new ideas my paitings, new color compositions, what embellishments to use etc etc – it also occupies my dreams:-)

This time I have used a paint palette instead of a canvas for my Mixed Media.

I dream of Painting9

I have used 4 different stencils for the background then painted it with Lindy’s Stamp Gang Mists. The Bird is painted with Primary Element pigments.  The big heart is embossed with Lindy’s Stamp Gang Embossing pulver “Midnight Copper”.

I dream of Painting4

I dream of Painting3

I dream of Painting2

I dream of Painting6

I dream of Painting5

And that’s all for today. See you on Wednesday again with a canvas blogged for Pyssloteket.

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