Steampunk Style Ornaments

Tomorrow it’s time for me to publish on Scrapptorget. For this blog entry I have altered christmas ornaments – Steampunk style.

The first ornament I made was simple and only took a few minutes. I glued a metal flower and some gears on to heart shaped ornament.

Steampunkheart 3

My next ornament I spent a few hours on. It takes time to glue all the small gadgets and gears. I have a box in my scraproom filled with gears. I have bought some larger gears on line but the smaller ones come from watches that I have demolished. Good thing I have saved older watches:-)

Steampunkheart 2

Steampunkhjärta 1

For my next ornament I wanted to use metal tape. I started by taping small peaces of insulation tape on the ornament to get dimension. After that I cut the metal tape in smaller peaces and glued those on top.

Then it was time for my embossing tool. When I was happy with the look I painted the ornament with black gesso. I let it dry for a few minutes before whiping the color off, leaving only the black paint in the cracks and creases. I glued a metal flower on the topside of my ornament and finnished with some gold and copper Inka color here and there.

Steampunkornament 2

Steampunkornament 1

My next ornament is a Hot Air Balloon.
I started by paiting an ornament brown. Turned it upside down and glued a flower on the top. I made a basket out of styrophome, painted that brown and glued a peace of lace ribbon on it. After that it was time to add all the chains, this was the most time consuming part of making this ornament.

Luftballong 1

Luftballong 3

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